"The Arch", D: Iryna Nikolaienko, Anton Shatohin, CI: Mikhail Kuzhba, Aleksandr Doroshenko, ED: Valeriy Kozlitinov, UA 2017

Running time: 8'12”

This is a movie clip of unique format: a creative group was inspired by the New Safe Confinement - shelter for the IV block of Chernobyl NPP, which has unique nonstandard acoustics inside of it. The author of idea and project's producer Iryna Nikolaienko together with the famous Ukrainian musician Mykyta Rubchenko created a musical composition using the sounds of several unique objects of the Exclusion zone.
The mini-movie and musical single based on the story of the Chernobyl disaster to the present day is about a boy born in the town of Pripyat' who abandoned that place after the accident and returned to the Exclusion zone in order to take part in the construction of the "Shelter-2" confinement many years later.



  • 23.06.2017, 18:00, Akademia Sztuki, POP SEFF
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