Top League

Top League is dedicated to presenting Polish and world cinema as well as familiarising audiences with the creators. It enables a closer look at the greatest achievements of Polish and international filmmaking, with special attention given to documentary forms. The block is geared at a broad audience, and for the first time this year - including the youngest viewers as well.
  • Let's Talk Film - A series of talks with the most prominent representatives of Polish and international cinema. They revolve around the condition of contemporary cinema, the possibilities of its development, and its hazards. Cinema as a (re)creation of reality, as an element of everyday life, as an educational tool, a spiritual need, a constant element of professional activity, as pure entertainment? The guest’s creative output, her passions and achievements serve as a reference point. Apart from talking with the filmmaker we also watch her films.
  • The Best Films in the World - A presentation of the most important documentary films awarded within the course of the last year both in Europe and globally (e.g. Sundance Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Berlinale). The European programme is made complete by its confrontation with the nominees for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award (the Oscar) in the documentary section.
  • SEFF MINI - A festival offer for audiences aged two and up, integrating different age groups through an intergenerational time spent together – parents/guardians with children as well as grandchildren with their grandparents. Watching films together allows for the exchange of opinions, for the formation of one’s own views and character, or just for ordinary conversations on topics that are more or less important within a family or a group of friends. SEFF MINI integrates different generations, awakens the sensitivity of the youngest viewers, creates a festival space for families. It also stimulates participants with film workshops geared at younger and older children. A friendly atmosphere while meeting with cinema, talking about it, and doing activities within its scope. This year, SEFF MINI presents the latest family and children's films, which have been carefully selected from amongst professional productions aimed for the youngest movie-goers.


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