Documentation SEFF '17


SEFF '17 Trailer June&October



 SEFF '17 Trailer October




SEFF MINI - Filmowy Plac Zabaw


SEFF'17 OFFicial Trailer


SEFF '16 w filmowym skrócie



SEFF '16 OFFicial Trailer

SEFF '16 Selection Team

SEFF '16 Submission deadline 

SEFF '15 at a glance

Official Trailer SEFF '15

Sforward Spezial Das Stettin European Film Festival 2015

Szczecin - DEKRA Impression SEFF '15 

Goodbye SEFF 2015 - DEKRA Hochschule für Medien

Ron's Daily: Special Edition with Kuba Szutkowski @ SEFF 2015

Vipassana with Tomasz Raczek @ SEFF 2015

European Competition SEFF 2015 - Friday

Ron's Daily: "Directed by Tweedie"

Chillout with the Jackpot Duo @ SEFF 2015

Crossing boundaries with Tomasz Raczek and Bartosz Wójcik


Ron's Daily: "Maybe Darkness"

Sunny Saturday!

SEFF at “Oktoberfest” #weloveszczecin

father0 – Konrad Pachciarek @ SEFF 2015

Centrum Dialogu Przełomy @ SEFF

Ron's Daily: "Short film about life"

Our half time @ SEFF 2015

Masterclass - Józef Robakowski @ SEFF 2015

Ron's Daily: "Figura"

SEFF Film Forum - How to get your money!

Ron's Daily: "Interlude"

Ron's daily: "Mother Rythm"

We don`t do this to make everybody happy

SEFF '15 selection summary

Szczecin European Film Festival - trailer 2015

The third ''semi-final'' of West Pomerania Shorts 2015


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