Ex Oriente 2017 – calls now open

Ex Oriente Film is an international workshop focused on the in depth development and funding of creative documentary films from the CEE region. During three week-long workshops and online sessions held over the next nine months, producers and directors gain assistance and advice from leading filmmakers and experts in the development of ideas, production, and distribution strategy for their upcoming documentaries. 
The Ex Oriente Film program leads into the co-production session East European Forum, where workshop participants pitch their projects to European and North American documentary professionals. In addition to automatic inclusion in the East European Forum workshop, participants will have the opportunity to gain a wide range of scholarships and prizes. Scholarships are also available to cover part of the participation fee as well as travel costs for the workshop.   
The deadline for submissions is May 4th, 2017 and you can find the application form here.
For more information you can visit website Ex Oriente Film.
added:: 2017-04-12
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