We invite you to Rostock for the Festival im StadHafen Rostock

We invite all of you who would like to fish for youthful, creative cinema!
FiSH - a festival of young German film circle, which is taking place between May 11th and 14th 2017 in Rostock. It is aimed at young generations of filmmakers as all the films are created by the people between the ages of 6 and 26. The centre of the festival is Junger Deutscher Film competition, but there are another events in the program as well: SehSterne, PopFiSH and MeKo-Preis.
We will be there too :) We invite you for the special film screenings of SEFF'16 at LiWu cinema, May 13th, 4 pm. All the details concerning the presentation you may find HERE.

See you there.



added:: 2017-04-14
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