The begining of SEFF'17 Selection Team works

Today in the morning (June 17th 2017) Polish-German Selection Team at SEFF'17 has started their tedious work over the selection of the best films submitted for the European Competition. The selection results you will see between 19th and 23rd October at SEFF'17. The selection team this year includes: Jörg FothBartosz Wójcik, PhD and Damian Romaniak, PhD. To find our more information about our selection team visit the section Polish-German Selection Team.
Many extraordinary films ahead of our Selection Team. They will spend 12 days on choosing the best films. Many thanks to Centrum Przemysłów Kreatywnych for possibility to use their space during the selection :)
Check below some photos for the first day of selection by Szymon Pawlik (helliorn).
added:: 2017-07-17
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