Andrés Borghi

About the artist

I was born in Argentina in 1982 and I've been making movie since I was 12 years old.

I studied film direction in a film school called FUNDACIÓN TEBA between 2002 and 2004.

I've made many short films and 2 feature films.

Among the short film I made, the most notorious are OTAKUS, a comedy/action film portraying the obsession for Japanese cartoons with fights and flashy FX, as well as WORKING DAY, a film made in New Zealand and awarded by Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings.

The making of Working Day is due to a contest held in 2010 and called Your Big Break, where the tourism institution in New Zealand called for filmmakers all around the world to craft a short film about the country. The script I sent, Working Day, caught the atention of the jury for it's warm and funny tone. This work was chosen with another 4 (2 from U.S.A and 2 more from New Zealand) and we all travelled there to make our films aided by professional technicians. Once the films were finished the contest producer (Barrie Osborne) summoned Peter Jackson as the final jury and the winner was my film: Working Day!

Now I'm participating in film festivals around the world with my new feature, a comedy/action film called Born to Die and with "Alexia", my new horror short film.


2014-"Born to Die" (“Nacido para Morir”) feature film
2013-"Alexia" short film
2012-"Coso" web series
2011-"Truco" Short film
2010-"Working Day" Short film
2009-"Hongo Nuclear" web series
2008-"Dedicated to nobody" (“Dedicado a Nadie”) short film
2007-"Otakus" short film
2005-“The Spectre in the woods” (“El Espectro del Bosque”) short film


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