Bálint Szimler

About the artist

Born in 1987 in Hungary, Bálint Szimler grew up in New Jersey where his family lived at the time. They moved back to Hungary, where at 19 Szimler got accepted to the University of Theatre and Film Arts, the country's leading film school. It is the 5-year school, but it was his 3rd year short film 'Here I Am' that instantly made him one of the most well-known directors of his generation. The 35-minute movie won the Hungarian Film Week, and was later selected into Cannes Cinefondation. Since then Szimler created the online music series 'Kodály Method', which in 2015 continued into 'Balaton Method', a feature music docu with hundreds of musicians participating.

Director's filmography:
2015: Balaton Method (feature documentary)
2010: Here I Am (short fiction)


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