Divya Hansda

About the artist

Divya Hansda is an alumna of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata, with a specialization in Film Editing. "Abartan", a Bengali short film, 35mm, "In Blue" English, 35mm, "On The Hard Surface" (Digital, 20min) a documentary in Bengali with English subtitles, and a music playback project "Wish I Had Wings" in 35mm are some of the academic projects she edited. "A Box Full Of Kisses" and "The Book Which Was Lost" (16mm) are the first two films she directed as a student in the film school. "The Aquarium" is a Malayalam (independent) film screened in Kolkata International Film Festival 2015. Her career in Bollywood industry started with assisting an eminent senior editor Aseem Sinha, in a feature film "Wedding Anniversary" in Goa and in Mumbai. She also edited television programs of DD Bangla at Doordarshan Kendra, Kolkata. The Indigenous is her first non - fiction feature film officially selected in Garifuna Indigenous International Film Festival 2017, California, LA.


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