Naama Attias

About the artist

Naama Attias (b. 1989 in Jerusalem) is a visual artist who creates mainly using still and video photography. Graduated of the department of photography at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Her subjects derive from her personal story to the collective, e.g. body image, journey etc. She is interested in the different ways in which beauty is expressed in multitude of cultures and sub-cultures. Especially, she try to understand what is beauty and how do we address it in various aspects of our lives?
Her works have been exhibited in selected group exhibitions in Israel and around the world, most recently, "Stretching Limits" was screened at CICA museum in South Korea and parts of “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with being Beautiful” were exhibited at Central Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ain’t Nothing Wrong with being Beautiful (2017)
Stretching Limits (2015)
Romania South (2014)
A Few Word have Changed (2013)


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