Bartosz M. Kowalski - Let's Talk Film - October

A series of talks with the most prominent representatives of Polish and international cinema. They revolve around the condition of contemporary cinema, the possibilities of its development, and its hazards. Cinema as a (re)creation of reality, as an element of everyday life, as an educational tool, a spiritual need, a constant element of professional activity, as pure entertainment? The guest’s creative output, their passions and achievements serve as a reference point. Apart from talking with the filmmaker we also watch their films. 


Bartosz M. Kowalski

Director of feature and documentary films, screenwriter, and film editor. Born in Gdynia in 1984. Has completed his directing studies in Paris and has done a Universal Studios internship in Los Angeles. His films “Wolna Wola,” “Niepowstrzymani,” and “Plac Zabaw,” which were commissioned by HBO, have toured many festivals in Poland and abroad, winning prizes at festivals in Cracow, Chicago, Poznań, and Częstochowa. His first feature film “Plac Zabaw” has received the award for directing début at the 41st Film Festival in Gdynia as well as awards at the “Młodzi i film” festival in Koszalin, and has also earned distinctions at the Warsaw Film Festival and the prestigious London Film Festival.

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