SEFF MINI - October

Something for the youngest viewers as well as those a bit older, presenting works by children and youth from all of Poland. By themselves or under the supervision of adult animators, young authors experiment with film, seeking audiovisual tools to show reality, dialogue, create cinematic worlds, express their views on important topics. This results in the creation of surprisingly mature animated and mixed-technique works. Even when they talk about what is bad and difficult, it is worth touching upon these topics and working on them creatively, as the authors did. 


The SEFF MINI screening takes place thanks to our festival cooperation with Poznań's OKO KALEJDOSKOPU: Polish National Review of Animated Films Created by Children). The project gathers and presents unique works by children who make their own animated films. With the help of the organisers we have chosen several dozen films from the last two years. They are mostly films which have been awarded by the Jury.


OKO KALEJDOSKOPU is organised by the Children's Art Centre in Poznań.


Curator: Paulina Ratajczak  
phot. Olga Tokarczyk

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