Crossing the Boundaries - Tomasz Raczek & Bartosz Wójcik '17

As is tradition, this programme highlight will feature a discussion on the future of cinema. This time around it will revolve around the fading boundaries between film genres. They result from the increasingly extensive use of animation and computer technology in film, among other things. The three-part evening will start with Andrzej Wojdała, who will present a subjective history of real-time virtual reality utilised in cinema over the last twenty years, illustrating it with specific examples. We will then focus on the contemporary use of various animation techniques in documentary film. These seemingly distant genres have been in successful symbiosis for several years. The second part of the event will feature a number of shorts on uncommon technical solutions, after which – in the third part – we will talk with Tomasz Raczek and Bartosz Wójcik about what tomorrow can bring for cinema.


Kurator: Bartosz Wójcik

Certified manager of culture, curator, organiser, and jury member of artistic projects and film festivals, SEFF artistic director of more than a decade (until 2012 director of EFFD dokumentART); PhD in the humanities, lecturer at the University of Szczecin.


Kurator: Tomasz Raczek

Film critic, publicist, publisher, lecturer, director of film channels, creator of television and radio programmes, author and co-author of books on cinema. Cooperates with papers and periodicals, including “Wprost,” “Rzeczpospolita,” “Polityka,” “Film,” “Teatr,” “Ekran,” “Kino,” “Cinema,” “Playboy,” “The European,” and “The Montreal Gazette.”


"Film and Virtual Reality"

The lecture "Film and Virtual Reality" describes how and for what purposes virtual technologies have been used in the film industry over the past twenty years. This will not be a review of special effects techniques, whose history in cinema is considerably longer, but a subjective history of the use of real-time virtual reality in film, illustrated by concrete examples.


Andrzej Wojdała

Known in the international television industry for over twenty years. Former academic teacher and author of numerous publications on computer graphics and virtual television studios. He is currently head of the research and development department of Avid Technology, dealing with video technologies, graphics, and virtual reality. He is also the director of its Polish branch.



Avid Technology An IT company that launched non-linear video editing thirty years ago. The most recognisable products include Pro Tools (audio editing), Media Composer (video editing), NEXIS (mass memory), Interplay (video libraries management), Maestro (graphics). The constant pursuit of new solutions has resulted in over 200 patents and recognition within the industry, as evidenced by numerous awards – Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys.

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