Let's Talk Film - Agata Kulesza

25.06.2017, Sunday, 13:00
Studio S1 Radia Szczecin , al. Wojska Polskiego 73 (wejście od Niedziałkowskiego) (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: Let's Talk Film - Agata Kulesza

What is it like to look at contemporary cinema from the Pantheon? We will ask this question our special festival guests and unquestionable stars. Our conversation will focus on the present condition of contemporary cinematography, moving pictures created all over the world, and the mission and commercialism of cinema, as well as fame – that which is felt in everyday life and that which is felt on special occasions. This year we ask this questions Agata Kulesza, a prominent Polish actress.

Entry fee: 15 PLN (film screenings and meeting)


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