West Pomerania SHORTS 2019

13.06.2019, Thursday, 18:00
INKU Inkubator Sektorów Kreatywnych, al. Wojska Polskiego 90 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: WEST POMERANIA SHORTS '19

West Pomerania SHORTS Final 2019 is the representation of our regional film dishes, among which you can find tasty fiction, splendid documentaries, surprising music videos, and delicious experimental film. It is the 9th edition of the competition, presenting ten films from the newest and the most interesting productions by filmmakers connected to Western Pomerania Voivodeship. Some of the authors are already renowned, some are a novelty to the region’s film landscape; they all offer fresh productions of various genre, which are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The awards for the competition winners are funded by: OFFicyna Association and AVID Poland.


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