SEFF Mini – Fairytale Therapy

Szczecin Film Festival 2020: 25.10.2020, Sunday, 10:00
ONLINE, (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: SEFF Mini - October

During the October fairytale therapy we will use animation and a full-length feature film to take a closer look at our emotions and how we judge others on a daily basis. Without moralising we will use a fairytale metaphor to solve the problems which young viewers may need to face in their lives. A happy ending will help us understand that there is a way out from every situation in life. We invite the youngest cinema lovers for a trip to the forest, where together with a clever mouse we will play little detectives – assistants to the chief of police in the famous case of the disappearing nuts. Will we step up to the mark or will it turn out that we are judging others based on stereotypes, not giving them a chance to begin with? We will take slightly older film fans on a trip to far-away Lapland, where together with 12-year-old Niilas we will go meet with his mum, we will discover his roots and have a trip of our lives!

Live event conducted, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health / online event.


Gordon i Paddy D: Linda Hambäck, 2017, 62’, SWE

Z głową w chmurach D: Meikeminne Clinckspoor, 2019, 77’, BEL / SWE

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