IF INTERESTED, PLEASE WRITE TO: wolontariat@officyna.art.pl


Szczecin European Film Festival w tym roku odbędzie się w dwóch terminach: 22 - 25 czerwca oraz 19 - 23 października 2017 r.

Each edition, including this year's, cannot be complete without the support of a group of involved individuals who are ready for action.

SEFF '17 Team

 SEFF '16 Team


What we guarantee our volunteers:
  • interesting work organising one of Europe's most innovative film festivals!
  • working in a focused young team of people connected by a love for cinema
  • the opportunity to meet many interesting people (filmmakers, directors, film experts, journalists, politicians) from all around Europe!
  • exapanding their interests and skills
  • the opportunity to enter festival events and film screenings
  • a special place on the Szczecin European Film Festival website, where photos of our volunteer team will be placed
  • engagement in co-creating an important festival
  • certificates and references once the project is complete (very useful when looking for a job)
We are looking for candidates who are:
  • interested in film or are willing to begin their adventure with film
  • open to new experiences, challgenges, and people
  • responsible, independent, honest, and creative (or willing to acquire these traits)
  • flexible, willing to learn and to spend time in a pleasant and interesting way
  • curious of a festival's "behind-the-scenes"
  • willing to co-create Szczecin's biggest and only film festival, and to participate in a prestigious cultural event
  • - most importantly - willing to boost their professional appeal and qualifications (ever so needed on today's difficult job market)
What can you help us with?
There is a whole lot to do during Szczecin European Film Festival. We guarantee that each and every one will find a suitable task.
Among other things, SEFF volunteer work will include: communicating with collaborating entities and film industry representatives from all of Europe and the world; running the festival's promotional department and press office; providing passes to the invited guests and taking care of the assigned festival participants (an opportunity to meet important individuals of the film industry); assisting in running the festival office as well as in technical aspects during screenings and meetings; representing the festival in a broad sense.
Tasks can be modified according to the volunteer's needs, and the scope of responsibilities interweaved in such a way that suits your skillsets most.
The listed tasks are only a part of what you can do during the festival.
If, while reading the above, you've found something that caught your attention - don't wait - apply!
We need every helping hand we can get, both during and waaay before the festival.
  1. Send your application to: wolontariat@officyna.art.pl
  2. Think about your availability and remember that every minute of your time is precious to us
  3. Wait for a reply
  4. Come to a meeting
  5. Work with us!
We're waiting for your applications!


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