Friday 23.06.2017

take a look: world videoclips competition
eye to eye: Łona, Marcin Bąkiewicz, Webber, Stoprocent
Academy of Art in Szczecin, Sala Teatralna
Admission free

A competition for short musical film forms, in other words: videoclips. The pictures presented in this section break through the standard formal boundaries, surprising with a unique mixture of image and sound. From among several hundred submissions from all over the world, 23 clips form 18 countries have been qualified to this year's competition. The winner will be selected by your votes only! After the screenings we will discuss the present condition of creativity and distribution in the music video industry with: musician Adam "Łona" Zieliński, music producer Andrzej "Webber" Mikosz, Antyradio music director Marcin Bąkiewicz, and representatives of the Stoprocent production group – Ewelina Marcinkowska and Piotr Gołdych.

"MA – Swing Low" dir. Dagmara Pochyła, Poland 2017
"SOXSO – Madness" dir. Adrian Szczepaniak, Poland 2017
"Ponura Tresura / Grim Training" dir. Ala nanu Leszyńska, Poland 2016
"2 SORT – Axiom of Escobar" dir. Nikolai Belov, Russia 2017
"Sit Down, Rise Up" dir. Paul Daniel Torres, Canada 2017
"Grand Mexican Warlock - Love Struggle" dir. Bálint Szimler, Hungary 2016
"Lenny Henry - The Cops Don't Know" dir. Sam Chegini, Iran 2016
"Joon Moon – Tiger" dir. Jethro Massey, France 2017
"Fires - Life is Better Blonde" dir. Natalie Erika James, Benjamin Morgan, Australia 2017
"The Arch" dir. Iryna Nikolaienko, Anton Shatohin, Ukraine 2017
"Martina Trchoá & Trio - Strach" dir. Michal Maruška, Czech Republic 2017
"Lil Ronny Motha F – Up In The Air" dir. Lil Ronny Motha F, USA 2016
"Air private" dir. Aude Cardinaud, France 2017
"Never Left" dir. Maïté Jeannolin, Charlotte Marchal, Belgium 2016
"A Flow Mobz - Thrill Over Fear" dir. John Katehis, Greece 2017
"Klyne – Lend Me Another Name" dir. Alan Masferrer, Spain 2016
"Cape Cod – Erotica (feat. Constantine)" dir. Pavel Kildau, Ukraine 2016
"GastaLoops (IISO – Out)" dir. Nicola Gastaldi, United Kingdom 2016
"Polychrome" dir. Negareh Halimi, Amin Malekian, Iran 2017
"Ganga - Ricky Kej Featuring Shankar Mahadevan" dir. Sairam Sagiraju, India 2016
"De Osos - Instrucciones Para Dejar Ir" dir. M. Dianela Torres, Mexico 2016
"Yabloko Moloko - A Painful Choice (feat. Jon Other)" dir. Andrés Borghi, Argentina 2016
"PERCOLOMETRIA" dir. Matteo Di Gioia, Luis Felipe Bueno, Italy 2017

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