Thursday 22.06.2017

take a look: short film forms competition
eye to eye: Tomasz Lazar – winner of "World Press Photo"
Dom Kultury 13 Muz
Admission free

What kinds of pictures is your life composed of? That is what an encouragement to make free-form art films could sound like. Fortunately, the interest in TELEFON ART hasn’t decreased and this year will also surprise with its variety of forms, techniques, and true-life curlicues caught on film. 19 productions form 15 countries judged by the watchful eye of “World Press Photo” winner Tomasz Lazar, and a meeting with the author of invaluable photos – all of this is waiting for you. Come and join us! You will also be able to give a vote for your favourite!

"Ain't nothing wrong with being beautiful" dir. Naama Attias, Israel 2017
"Sea Wash" dir. Dina Naser, Moen Atef, Jordan 2016
"Parallel Carriage" dir. Eleanor Suess, United Kingdom 2017
"PASSENGER" dir. Jamie Naqvi, USA 2016
"split time" dir. Annika Glass, Miguel Wysocki, Germany 2016
"The Commute" dir. Sagar Shiriskar, India 2013
"Heart of Nature" dir. Giorgi Tkemaladze, Georgia 2015
"Salar" dir. Pablo Radice, Argentina 2017
"HORSEMAN" dir. Igor Trifimov, Russia 2016
"galaxies" dir. Pedro Gomes, Brasil 2017
"The Second Reality I" dir. Iwona Rozbiewska, Poland 2015
"Mossé" dir. Divya Hansda, India 2016
"Song of Syria" dir. Mathilde Lefort, France 2016
"Women Only" dir. Tabassom Habibzadeh, Erfan Almasi, Iran 2016
"Treetops" dir. Dustin Morrow, USA 2015
"9546 km." dir. Sergio García Locatelli, Peru 2013
"Microscopia" dir. Nikolaus Jantsch, Austria 2016
"Don Q" dir. Max Viktor Herbert, Germany 2016
"Through" dir. Mariusz Wirski, Poland 2017

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