Dear cinema lovers, 
the next cinematic autumn in Szczecin is upon us, with its place permanently marked in the cultural programme of the capital of West Pomerania in the 21st century. “A cinematic autumn in Szczein” is, however, not an entirely accurate term. Why? Firstly, this year Szczecin Film Festival features two events: one in June, the “summer bonus event light,” and the classic one in October. Secondly, the festival takes place in nine locations. Its heart, nevertheless, still beats in Szczecin – a large town on the borderland, which in today’s Europe is destined more than ever to talk about what is important to us through culture and, most of all, through films referring to the dynamic reality that surrounds us. There is also a third factor. Szczecin European Film Festival itself reacts to the changing reality. This year the programme is therefore richer with several important highlights. One of them is the worldwide competition for cinematic-musical forms with discussions about the film culture of music videos, another is a extensive programme for children. We will also be present in many new locations. 
From a total of several thousand submissions we have chosen for you over 200 productions and have prepared meetings with a number of interesting creators – actors, directors, producers, critics, experts on programming contemporary media, and managers of media projects.
I am pleased that together we will watch good films and talk about the world yet again.
SEFF'17 Programme Director
Bartosz Wójcik

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