Adrian Łapczyński

About the artist

Adrian Łapczyński, born in Kraków in 1988, is a director and a creator of the young generation. He has been expanding his experience since 2008, when his debut was awarded by the President. Since that time he has repeatedly been a laureate of Polish and international film festivals. He received, among others, the prestigious Wojciech Jerzy Has Film Award and the Minister of National Education Award.

Adrian Łapczyński's works are characterised by a dynamic, compact form, an expressive message, and a perfect combination of picture and sound. He specialises primarily in short films. He is the owner of an agency that produces advertising films.


„Legal culture in Europe” – 2013
„Save Energy” – 2012
“The Way” – 2012
“Schizophrenia” – 2012
“WrocLove” - 2012

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