Alexa Karolinski

About the artist

“Oma & Bella” is Karolinski’s first feature. After completing a bachelor’s degree in art history in London, she returned to Berlin to work as an editorial assistant for Vice Germany and subsequently produced cultural reports for the arts television channel Arte. Before long, she decided she wanted to make her own projects instead of just reporting on the creative work of others, bringing her to New York and the social documentary master’s program at the School of Visual Arts. “Oma & Bella” began as her thesis project for the program and has garnered much praise and recognition, both at home and abroad, and was recently picked up stateside by Oscilloscope. It had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Currently, Karolinski is working on a number of projects here in the U.S., where she plans to stay for the time being. She is now working on a documentary short about Billy Name, an artist and one-time core collaborator at Andy Warhol’s Factory. She is also involved in friend and filmmaker John Walter’s current project about the Philip Glass opera “Einstein on the Beach”. 
Oma & Bella (2012)


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