Ayçe Kartal

About the artist

In 2000 graduated from Anadolu  University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Animation  Department. Between 2000 and 2004 he worked as a Research Assistant and finished his MFA at the same department. After completing the Time Based Arts Pre-PhD Program in UNSW  Sydney, Australia, he won a scholarship from New York Film Academy, Film Directing Program and graduated from the academy in 2009. As an award-winning director, Ayçe Kartal has participated in many national and international film festivals and brought the first international success, the Best Animated Film Award, to Turkey in 2008.

Tornistan (Backward Run) (Marche Arrière) (2014)
Moşi’ler Yürüyor, DayDay episodes 1,2,3 (2013)
Frederic (2012)
Magnus Nottingham (2011)
Bir Dakika Lütfen (2010)
Malfunction, Bilinçli Ol Trafik Kurallarına Uy (2009)
Klonistan/Cloneopolis (2008)
Bu da Benim kentim/This is the City of Mine, The Landing (2007)
Beyinsiz/Brainless (2006)
Right Side (2005)



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