Max Viktor Herbert

About the artist

Max Viktor Herbert is a Filmmaker from Germany, with a focus on documentary filmmaking and video art. He also works as a cameraman for different artists and directors.

1992→born in Tübingen, Germany
2013-today→Student at HfG Karlsruhe, stuying Film and Mediaart

2012→'Noche en vela' (10min Documentary Short)
2013→'Donna Victoria' (10min Short)
2015→'Graffiti Filming Sucks' (Videoinstallation)
2015→'Erster Gang' / 'Zweiter Gang' (Videoinstallation in collaboration with Robin Mang)
2016→'Pachinko' (6min Documentary Short)
2016→American Abstinence (Documentary feature)
2016→ DonQ


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