Paulina Skibińska

About the artist

Paulina Skibińska, born in 1987 in Kowary, near Jelenia Góra (Poland), graduate from the Post-Secondary Studio of Culture Animation in Wrocław (2009), film specialisation. She earned her MA degree in screenwriting at the Łódź Film School (2014), where she is now pursuing her PhD studies. Being a screenwriter of numerous internationally awarded short fiction and animated films, e.g. “http://,” “The Kiss,” and “48hTV,” Paulina is presently at work on her full-length fiction debut film as part of the International Screenwriting Workshops MIDPOINT. Her documentary debut as a director, “Object,” won the Special Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival 2015.
Obiekt (2015)
Bajka dla dorosłych (2014)
Gyros Dance (2014)
Karuzela (2013)
Kiss (2013)
Szczeniak (2013)
I nigdy nie wracać (2013)
Jak bić (2012)
Myszy górskie (2012)
48h TV (2012)
Czarna robota (2012)
http:// (2010)


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