Wojciech Staroń

About the artist

Wojciech Staroń – cinematographer and film director. He was born in 1973 in Ostrowiec Świetokrzyski. A graduate of the Cinematographic Department at the Film School in Łódź, he has shot over twenty documentaries and feature length fiction films. Staroń is a member of the European Film Academy and Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC), an association of feature filmmakers. He made his documentary debut with “The Siberian Lesson” (1998), which won awards, e.g. in Amsterdam (IDFA) and Krakow. He received the Silver Bear Award at Berlinale 2011 for his photography to “El Premio” (dir. Paula Markovitch).

W stronę światła (2007)
For a while (2005)
The Siberian Lesson (1998)


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