A night at the gallery / Noc w galerii

Running time: 34'
R: Krzysztof Jakubowski, S: Michał Wójcik, Maciej Łubieński, POL 2012, 34'

The film is based on motifs from the “Side by Side. Poland – Germany. A 1000 Years of Art and History” exhibition in Berlin. It talks about the shared 1,000-year history of neighbouring countries in a way that is easy, in a way that breaks stereotypes, abandons seeing the countries’ relations from the angle of nazism, the Third Reich and WWII. We learn, among other things, that contrary to the legend of Princess Wanda (who refused to marry a German), Polish princesses often married German princes (and vice-versa); that Wit Stwosz only spoke German; and that Berlin holds many traces of Poland.


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