The last day of Loro Shestani / Ostatni dzień Loro Shestani

Running time:

The Albanian transition has compelled Loro Shestani to give up: his wife is dead, his daughter, a refugee in Italy, has forgotten her roots and the sea does not offer fish any more. Loro has passed middle-age and understands that his life is in vain, he cannot cope with this new world. The pigeons are the only companions of his solitude. “The last day of Loro Shestani”, is inspired by real events that occurred in the hot summer of 1994. One afternoon, watching a World Cup football match from USA, I heard a powerful explosion from the building in front of my own. I can still remember the very few and fast frames of the short flight of the man who dynamited himself before falling over the his forth floor balcony. Transformed into a black mess he contrasted with the red background painted by his own blood.



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