Extraordinary People

Running time: 35'49"

Production: TR/RU 2015

The people of the Black Sea region are different. The hard and unusual conditions of life are dictated by the wilderness. Existence is a real challenge that takes place between two vast spaces: the sea and the sky. Some of the inhabitants have exciting ideas and create all sorts of inventions. Bilal Atasoy, 83, is a retired religious leader living in an amazing, complex house on a cliff, and he feels as if living in the sky. Metin is 57 and lives in Çamlıhemşin (a town in the Rize province, Turkey) with his family. There is a river between his house and the road; the man crosses it by using an iron wire. He knows that it’s dangerous, but he is unafraid and sees it as completely normal. “Sıra Dışı İnsanlar” takes us into the world of extraordinary people and picturesque locations.



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