"Out" – IISO (GastaLoops), D, AN: Nicola Gastaldi, GB 2016

Running time: 4'15"

Gastaloops started as a personal project, a marathon that consisted in creating 100 animations in 100 days, with three main colors (white, red and black). A blend of surreal and inventive GIFs that perfectly convey the atypical universe of the Londoner.
At the end of the journey, I choose to use the track Out by the band IISO. It worked seamlessly and perfectly with the juxtaposition of the gifs, with no additional edit.

It’s easy when you stand in the middle of war
go home
so dizzy ‘cause you want me to stay so long on our words
you better stay out
you better stay you
feel the way you lose
it’s evil when i feel i’m the leader of my own feelings
i’m evil cause you want me to stay so long on these words




  • 23.06.2017, 18:00, Akademia Sztuki, POP SEFF
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