"Józio, chodź do domu" D: Marcin Chłopaś, CI: Maja Nowak, Miłosz Mickiewicz, ED: Michał Chojnacki, Marcin Chłopaś, PL 2016

Running time: 30’

Societies are good at punishing “others” – claimed to be different because of some, usually absurd, reasons. A Jew in Poland can feel and in fact be an alien. The same Jew in Israel can become an alien, when noticed not to have been circumcised. “Jozio, come home” is the story of a child of Holocaust survivors who is abandoned many times – by both Poles and Jews. He travels home – to the Polish town of Wałbrzych – for the first time in 54 years, only to discover that he has no home, he belongs nowhere. The soundtrack for the movie was composed by Mikołaj Trzaska.



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