"Ur Artean" D: Iñigo Jiménez, Jesus Maria Palacios, CI: Jesus Maria Palacios, David Aguilar, ED: Ibai Elorza, Zazpi T’Erdi, Jesus Maria Palacios, ES 2016

Running time: 27’

A portrait of the last inhabitants of the Santa Clara island in San Sebastian. In September 2014, the Santa Clara lighthouse celebrated its 150th anniversary, yet for the last 45 of these years it has been uninhabited. Who were the last people to live there? For twenty years, the lighthouse-keeper José Manuel Andoin and his mother, María Torralbo, dwelled in isolation and harsh conditions on this island just 500 meters off the city of San Sebastian. “Ur Artean” is the story of the enigmatic relationship between a strong-willed mother and her mild-mannered son, who had been an Olympic champion


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