SEFF MINI is a festival offer for audiences aged two and up, integrating different age groups through an intergenerational time spent together – parents/guardians with children as well as grandchildren with their grandparents. Watching films together allows for the exchange of opinions, for the formation of one’s own views and character, or just for ordinary conversations on topics that are more or less important within a family or a group of friends. SEFF MINI integrates different generations, awakens the sensitivity of the youngest viewers, creates a festival space for families. It also stimulates participants with film workshops geared at younger and older children. A friendly atmosphere while meeting with cinema, talking about it, and doing activities within its scope. This year, SEFF MINI will present completely new films, which have been carefully selected from among professional productions aimed for the youngest (and those older ones who love good cinema). “Molly Monster” and short films presented as part of the blocks “I go to the cinema!” and “Different corners of the world” come from the Kids Film Festival (Festiwal Filmowy Kino Dzieci). “Meester Kikker” was nominated for best Dutch family film at the Cinekid festival in 2016. The film workshops – organised as part of the Film Playground – will be a great highlight for the youngest kids, but also those a little bigger.
The Kids Film Festival (Festiwal Filmowy Kino Dzieci) was created with the youngest viewers, aged 4-12, in mind. We believe that in a world filled with images, where reception skills are increasingly important, there is a need for the considered familiarising of the youngest viewers with valuable, attractive, age-appropriate films that develop their sensitivities.
The Kids Film Festival will be taking place for the fourth time between September 23rd and October 1st 2017 in over a dozen cities in Poland. Our festival will be screening about 90 films in two film theatres in Warsaw, while around 20 film theatres throughout Poland will be presenting the competition section. This year’s edition will touch upon topics of curiosity, discovery, experience, and experimentation, providing the viewers with the opportunity to play and learn – because the festival isn’t just cinema screenings, but also meetings with authors, the workshops, debates, and an international kids’ cinema forum for film professionals.
The Kids Film Festival is organised by the Educational Department of the New Horizons Association, who are responsible for organising Poland’s largest program for film education in schools – New Horizons of Film Education (Nowe Horyzonty Edukacji Filmowej), – among other initiatives.


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