The European Competition '17


This year’s European Competition, which is yet again marked by the bar set very high, will feature 26 productions by filmmakers from 15 countries. The films were all finished between 2016 and 2017. The films’ diverse themes reflect the multi-layered issues of today’s world. All of the titles deserve attention. They are unique, bold in their content, and often cross the boundaries of classic documentary cinema. As always, screenings of the competition films will be followed by discussions with their authors, which is a constant element of the festival. A direct meeting between viewer and director is always an intellectually stimulating experience. The competition includes five Polish and five German films, four Italian productions, three from Spain, two from Austria and France, as well as one from Hungary, Norway, the UK Slovenia, Switzerland, Cyprus, and Latvia. There will also be numerous co-productions, which include the United States and Colombia.



Bartosz Wójcik Damian Romaniak Jörg Foth



Moderator: Konrad Wojtyła

Journalist, literary critic, poet. Vice-president of the Sławomir Mrożek Foundation. Author of several books. Host, initiator, and moderator of numerous discussions, panels, and debates with the most important representatives of cultural life in Poland. For years he has been cooperating with the OFFicyna Association (both within the framework of the dokumentART festival and the Szczecin European Film Festival), conducting discussions with filmmakers, festival meetings, and the awards ceremony.

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